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Council Leader Simon Tagg with Union Flag in the background

Council welcomes Brexit while seeking reassurances from PM

Councillors have agreed to write to the Prime Minister “to thank him” for getting on with Brexit – and press the Government to keep its promises over additional funding as a result of the withdrawal from the EU.

A motion was agreed by Full Council which asked the Leader to write to Boris Johnson reminding him about the Conservative manifesto pledge to create a UK Shared Prosperity Fund to match the grants made by the European Union.

Cllr. Simon Tagg, Leader of the Council, said: “At 11pm today (31 January) our country will leave the EU – a decision which was backed by residents in Newcastle-under-Lyme who voted in the 2016 referendum by 43,457 votes to 25,477 to leave the EU.

“At Full Council, elected members voted that I should write to the Prime Minister to thank him for his swift action ending the delay and uncertainty regarding the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. I am more than happy to do this.

“We are also requesting that the government ensures that our residents, businesses and partners benefit from the potential advantages that come from Brexit, to help us to promote prosperity and improve infrastructure, in line with the Council’s corporate priority of ‘Growing our People and Places’.

“That letter will be sent at the earliest opportunity to make sure Whitehall knows exactly what our views are around the Withdrawal Agreement and I look forward to our borough sharing fully in the opportunities presented by Brexit.”


Last updated 31 January 2020

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