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COVID-19 and Council Services

During these unprecedented times we are continuing to provide vital Council services to you, your families and our communities.

We are carefully following Government and NHS guidelines, putting the health and welfare of our workforce, their families, and our communities at the forefront of everything we do and part of every decision.

Cllr. Simon Tagg, leader of the Council, said: “It is inevitable that the way we provide some of our services will change as the impact of Coronavirus takes effect. As we take action to allow people to follow advice about large gatherings, and also as some of our own staff will need to self-isolate or receive treatment, we will need to change how we deliver some services.

“It is likely we will have to close some of our public and community buildings, we will almost certainly have to reduce the extent of provision of some other services.

“Throughout this very difficult period for us all, we will keep you informed of the actions and decisions we are taking, acting on the advice of government. This should help everyone prepare for changes in the way you receive services or interact with the Council.”

Nationally, we are now in the ‘suppression’ phase - which means the Government is now shifting focus to stave off increased numbers of cases of the Coronavirus. This will help the NHS cope with the impact as the situation unfolds.

Here at the Council, the political and management leadership are meeting frequently to make sure the Council can make decisions and take action swiftly. We are following the advice of Public Health England, central Government and the NHS and we are working with our partners to protect our services, our employees, our residents and our wider communities.

Cllr. Tagg added: “We will do everything we can to continue to provide services to you and we will keep you informed of any changes that need to be made.”

Please follow our social media streams and continue to check our website which will be constantly updated with the latest information affecting the borough.

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