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Do YOU Know Where Your Children Are?

PARENTS are being urged to keep closer checks on their children’s whereabouts during evenings, weekends and school holidays, following a spate of anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents in the Borough.

Groups of youngsters have been gathering at Kidsgrove Leisure Centre and in the surrounding areas and green spaces in recent weeks.

Incidents have included vandalism/damage to property, setting fires and under-age drinking; there have also been reports of leisure centre staff and customers being threatened and intimidated.

Police have identified a number of individuals and appropriate action is being taken.

Information has been produced for parents by the Borough Council in an effort to highlight the issue and address the problems ahead of the Easter holidays and as warmer, lighter nights continue.

The leaflet – ‘Do YOU know where your children are?’ –  is being distributed to parents by partners before the start of the Easter break.