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Fashion on a plate

NEW organic and freeform shapes, and bold, stylised and abstract patterns. This is just a taste of what to expect from the attractive and colourful exhibition, ‘Fashion on a Plate’ at the Brampton Museum.

The exhibition will feature 1950s contemporary tableware, with a display of pottery by Midwinter, Ridgway, Poole, Beswick, Hornsea, Alfred Meakin, J&G Meakin, Crown Devon and Wade. The exhibition is open from 10 June to 16 July.

The 1950s was an exciting and innovative period for ceramic design. During the Second World War, ceramic production almost ended due to restrictions on the manufacture of non-war items. In 1952, controls were lifted and potteries set about changing the shape and pattern of everyday tableware. This exhibition will give an insight of some of the modern and striking tableware produced during the 1950s. As well as 80 original ceramic pieces from these key makers, the exhibition also contains interpretation panels, framed prints, hands-on elements and reference books. Contact the Brampton Museum on 01782 619705 or email:  for more information.