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Picture shows fly tipping in Chemical Lane picture courtesy of Google Street view

Fly tipping removed from Chemical Lane

A major clean-up operation to remove a large amount of fly tipping in Chemical Lane in Newcastle is being carried out today.
Waste teams from Staffordshire County Council and Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council are stepping in to remove the huge amounts of waste dumped in the area, with additional support from local metals recycler Moore’s Metals. 
Work will include the removal and disposal of a number of caravans as well as an estimated 20 tonnes of commercial and household waste.  The clean-up is expected to be completed in one day.
The road will be temporarily closed as a mechanical grab will be needed to remove the caravans from the site safely.
Cabinet member for environment and recycling, Trevor Johnson, said: “Clearing up after criminals – and that’s what fly-tipping is, a crime - is both time-consuming and extremely costly and the huge cost is borne by council tax payers and not those who dump their rubbish. We are dealing with scarce resources and trying to provide vital services for the public and that money could, and should, be spent in ways that directly benefit residents instead.
“We are working with the county council to remove the waste in Chemical Lane today to make the area safe once again and we will look at the possibilities of installing CCTV in the area as a deterrent to those who wilfully dump their waste without a care for residents, wildlife or businesses nearby or for tax-payers who ultimately have to pay for their actions. It is truly disgraceful.

“I ask that anyone who has any information on fly-tippers, please call the police. They shouldn’t get away with these irresponsible acts and need to be stopped.”


Last updated 24 July 2020

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