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Picture shows shrubbery on Newcastle town centre roundabout

Growing our People and Places

A blueprint has been revealed which outlines how the Borough Council will set about improving the economic fortunes of everyone living and working in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The ambitious programme spells out a whole host of measures which will set the context for long-term investment in the area to boost jobs, skills and growth.

Called “Growing Our People And Our Places”, the proposals form part of a refresh of the Economic Development Strategy to reflect priorities in the new Council Plan and a revised Growth Deal for the borough agreed with Staffordshire County Council.

Leader of the Borough Council, Simon Tagg, said: “This new strategy spells out in detail exactly what we are going to do up to 2022 in benefiting the economic fortunes of everyone who lives and works in our borough. 

“We are realistic enough to know this isn’t something that we can achieve on our own and so what this document does is set out precisely who we will work with and on what projects to bring about a step-change locally.

“Our aim is to strive for Newcastle-under-Lyme to be a place where the economy is strong and sustainable; where local people have the skills and opportunities to take up good jobs with good wages; where everyone benefits from economic growth.

“Our goals can only be achieved by taking advantage of every opportunity available and by developing new ones through innovation and a more collaborative approach.”

Partnership working is one of the key messages that underpins much of the revised Economic Development Strategy which is broken down into three distinct areas – Place and Infrastructure; Business Environment; People and Ideas.

Sitting below the three themed areas is a detailed action plan that outlines specific initiatives that the Council will be working on over the next 12 months, what resources will be required and who the relevant partners are that the authority will be joining forces with.

Place and Infrastructure

  • Delivery of the Growth Deal priorities.
  • Work with Newcastle Business Improvement District and Go Kidsgrove to promote the town centres as places to visit, work and live and focus on the promotion of our distinctiveness.
  • Work with the developers of the Ryecroft scheme to secure a development that will add to the economic vitality of the town.
  • Improvement of Newcastle town centre wayfinding and road signage.
  • Work with partners in the Enterprise Zone to attract employment investment to sites and premises around the borough including land at Chatterley Valley.
  • Bring forward proposals for retail, leisure and business accommodation in Newcastle town centre.
  • Bring forward new sites for employment and housing through the Joint Local Plan to enable the further growth of the borough.


Business Environment

  • Support and development of local SMEs including town centre independent sector.
  • Seek to optimise the benefit to local companies from public sector procurement.
  • Support for the annual Business Boost competition.
  • Support the re-use of existing property in the town for start-up business and innovative new uses.


People and Ideas

  1. Work with Newcastle Employment and Skills Group to support people who are furthest from training and jobs.
  2. Support delivery of the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership Skills Strategy to increase training and employment rates especially for those furthest from employment.
  3. Encourage a more enterprising culture working with the Cultural Education Partnership and Cultural Forum.
  4. Support further development of Keele University Science and Innovation Park as detailed in the New Keele Deal.
  5. Support the development and delivery of The New Keele Deal and Keele Deal Culture.


Cllr. Tagg added: “This is an ambitious programme committing the Council to strong and sustainable economic growth for the borough focussing on opportunities around Keele University, Newcastle town centre and Kidsgrove.

“We have an excellent record of working with partners to achieve great things in this area and this economic blueprint sets out precisely how we intend to build on that to make a brighter future for all of those who live, work, study or visit here.”

The Economic Development Strategy and its supporting Action Plan will be considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 4 September.

Last updated 27 August 2019

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