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Key Holder Registration Scheme

Key Holder Registration Scheme Introduced

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council has introduced a free Key Holder Registration Scheme after complaints about misfiring intruder or fire alarms causing considerable annoyance to residents and people at work nearby.

Residents can now register their key holder details online to reduce the nuisance created by prolonged ringing alarms.

Under the new scheme, if there is a problem with an alarm misfiring and key holder details are held, the Environmental Health team can contact them to deal with the noise nuisance quickly.

This could save considerable expense and save a long period of disturbance.

If details are not held and the Council silences nuisance alarms it can charge the cost back to the occupier which can typically be £300.

In addition to registering, key holders are being reminded to:

  • ensure the alarm is fitted by a reputable company
  • check that your alarm sounds for no longer than 20 minutes before resetting
  • have the alarm serviced regularly by a specialist
  • tell neighbours how they can contact key holders.

The Key Holder Registration Scheme form is simple and can be completed online at the council website. The information is encrypted and held securely.

Use this link to register your details:


Last updated 14 September 2018