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Kidsgrove Sports Centre

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council have pledged to work together to develop proposals for new leisure services in Kidsgrove.

The sports centre – which is run by the borough council and owned by Staffordshire County Council – is in a poor state and is no longer fit for purpose as it needs £2.4million of repairs just to bring it up to an acceptable condition.

Both councils have confirmed their commitment to the District Deal which says they will work together on the long-term future of leisure, health and well-being services in the area, including potential development of the site for leisure facilities.

The borough council, which is responsible for providing leisure services, is now working to provide interim alternatives for local people. This is likely to be a mix of locally based facilities, existing provision such as Jubilee2, as well as those provided by neighbouring councils.

Cllr. Elizabeth Shenton, Leader of the Borough Council, said: “Now that we are in the process of securing the land from the county council, as a first step to replacing the centre on the existing site, we are working hard to find alternative interim leisure facilities for families in Kidsgrove, but this may take some time. 

“In the meantime, we will set up a new stakeholder group comprising representatives of clubs and other groups who use the current facilities. We will be asking them to advise us on the interim offer and they will also be consulted as part of planning for a replacement facility in the area.” 

Leader of Staffordshire County Council Philip Atkins said: “In the short term, as well as the county council making this land for a new sports centre available, we will continue helping Newcastle by influencing key partners such as schools to make their property available for interim sport and leisure services and looking at our property in the area to see if there are any potential suitable alternative venues.  The provision of leisure services is the responsibility for district and borough councils; however, we remain open to any further proposals the borough council wish to make, and continue to help where we can.”

Kidsgrove sports centre closed Friday, 30 June.