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Landfill Inquiry Enters Second Stage

A scrutiny inquiry set up to consider concerns about a landfill site in Silverdale has entered its second phase.

The scrutiny review working party is staging another virtual meeting about Walleys Quarry Landfill, this time to hear from various regulatory bodies.

The working party is looking into the site’s operation following a number of complaints to the Council about odours believed to be coming from the area.

It has invited the Environment Agency, the Council’s environmental health department and Staffordshire County Council – which gave planning permission for the landfill – to discuss points raised by community groups, residents and local businesses during the first stage of the inquiry in August.

The meeting takes place on Wednesday, 7 October at 3pm and will be broadcast live on YouTube. The agenda, including information on how to observe in other ways, is available at

A third virtual session is planned involving site operators RED Industries RM Ltd. The working party will then carefully consider everything it has heard and is aiming to produce a report, containing any recommendations it is able to make, for consideration by the end of year.

The Environment Agency has monitored the site to gather scientific evidence, and the Council has also carried out its own investigation in light of the complaints. Initial findings have shown that while smells have been detected, the issues raised do not meet the threshold for statutory nuisance abatement action to be taken by the Council.

Residents who experience problems relating to Walleys Quarry can report issues online or call the Council on 01782 717717 as well as the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

Last updated 5 October 2020

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