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Pictur illustrates Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council Garden waste service

Milestone for Garden Waste Collections

More than 16,000 households have now subscribed to a new garden waste service in Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

Figures released by the Council show 16,130 properties have paid the annual £36 charge for the fortnightly collections which got under way earlier this year. In total they have paid for 17,253 brown-lidded bins.

This weekend’s May bank holiday and the prospect of months of good gardening weather means the figures are likely to continue to grow further in the coming weeks.

Cllr. Trevor Johnson, the Council’s Cabinet member for environment and recycling, said: 
“There is still time for people to sign-up for the service with a busy summer of gardening in front of us. The collections will be every fortnight all year round and over the course of 12 months this works out at around 69 pence a week - which is pretty good value for money. The easiest way to subscribe is to go online and do the whole process via our website which is .”
The Borough Council’s previous free service was supported by £270,000 income from Staffordshire County Council in the form of “recycling credits.

This income will reduce significantly over the next four years and that means that the Borough Council had to find a way of making the service financially self-sufficient as the county withdraws this funding.

Income generated by the subscriptions will be used to cover the cost of providing the new garden waste service and one-off costs involved in introducing it from February this year. Any further income will be reinvested into supporting the overall recycling and waste service and introducing a new recycling service that residents have asked for.

Around 80 per cent of subscribers have registered online with many also signing up for a “My Account” which will enable them to access and track online their own personal interactions with the Borough Council.

Last updated 3 May 2019

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