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Stephen Sweeney

New Business Support Scheme Launched

The Council’s Additional Support Grant Scheme (ARG) is now open for applications. 

This is further funding to support businesses that have not been legally required to close but have been severely impacted by restrictions put in place to manage the Coronavirus and save lives.

The Additional Restrictions Support Grant is available to businesses that have remained open, but have seen a significant fall in demand.  The grant also supports businesses outside of the rating system that have been impacted by the Coronavirus restrictions.

Cabinet member responsible for finance, Stephen Sweeney, said: “The Council has acted with great urgency in getting any support we can to our local businesses and I would encourage any business that has been affected by the recent lockdown restrictions to apply as soon as possible.

“This is the latest of a range of measures put in place to support local business. The scheme opens online today and we are waiting to help you.”

The Council will give priority to the following types of businesses:

  • Businesses in the hospitality, retail, accommodation, leisure, travel and events sectors which remain open but have been severely impacted by local or national restrictions.
  • Businesses supplying the above sectors.
  • Businesses not on the rating list that have been forced to close (including market traders selling non-essential items and bed and breakfasts).

Businesses that have previously received business support grants or applied for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme are eligible to apply for this scheme.

More information and access to the scheme can be found here:



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