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New Cabinet Sets up Recycling Review

The Council’s new ruling administration has put plans in place to review the borough’s recycling and waste service.

Cabinet has agreed to set up a task and finish group after acknowledging that many residents are still having problems with their collections 18 months after the new service was introduced. This escalated during December as a result of bad weather conditions and increased volumes of recycling.

The Cabinet-led task and finish group – made up of councillors from all political parties – will examine operational issues to try and solve problems and subsequently increase service efficiency.

Residents started to have weekly recycling collections in July 2016 when they also changed over to a three-box storage system. Garden and refuse waste continues to be collected every two weeks. The new service aimed to make it easier to recycle, boost participation and save £500,000 a year. Other changes included bringing the recycling service in-house, buying a new fleet and selling materials directly to companies to generate more income.

Council Leader Simon Tagg said: “This is a key council service that residents rightly expect to be delivered efficiently. Significant changes to the way recycling is collected were introduced long before my group took over control of the Council that have led to complaints over a long period. Lots of residents again experienced problems with collections over Christmas and New Year and although the weather exacerbated this there are clearly issues around the service which we need to tackle.”

Cllr. Trevor Johnson, Cabinet member for environment and recycling, added: “Huge numbers of residents are constantly complaining about their recycling and waste collections – we simply can’t go on like this. The system is clearly not working and the situation needs to be improved. My task and finish group will take a very thorough look at the current arrangements and work out the best way forward but it will take time to do properly. We ask residents to bear with us during this process.”

Last updated 5 January 2018