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New service option will reassure applicants

Planning applicants will soon be able to access a new pre-validation service for their documentation in a move to reassure customers and prevent unnecessary delays to planning developments.

In the same way that you can choose to pay an additional fee to make sure your documentation is complete ‘up front’ when applying for a passport or driving licence, this new option will give reassurance to planning applicants right at the start of the process. Applications will go through the legislative checks on the way to becoming a valid planning application when submitted and the added value at this stage has the potential to remove any unnecessary delays.

For most pre-validated applications customers will receive the consultation response within two working days. For major applications the response time is within four working days.

Cabinet member for planning and growth, Paul Northcott, said: “We want our customers to be reassured from the outset that they have submitted all the necessary information, forms and documentation to make sure the planning process is as smooth as it can be.

“If customers submit an application without all of the necessary information it will not be processed until that missing information is received. Unnecessary delays due to errors or omissions can be very frustrating for everyone involved and even short delays can be very costly in major developments.

“Choosing to eliminate this risk right at the start of the process will bring significant reassurance to all applicants, whatever the size of the project they are considering.”

The new pre-validation checking service is not mandatory, it offers prospective applicants the opportunity to ‘opt-in’. For the majority of applications the fee is £50 and for major developments is £100. Applications are submitted via the Council’s website.

Cabinet will discuss the introduction of the new pre-validation service at its meeting on 20 May.



Last updated 12 May 2020

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