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Picture shows blue canvas bag for recycled paper and card

New service responds to residents' comments

A proposed new recycling system in Newcastle-under-Lyme will be under scrutiny next week as the Borough Council’s Economic Environment and Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee discuss its development and progress to date.  

The new system, with key changes outlined in a report to the committee, aims to simplify recycling for residents, to reduce the risk of littering streets during collection and to reduce the number of containers.

From early next year, the Council will switch to a two-stream collection service with the Council supplying residents with only a blue wheeled bin for glass, cans and plastic and a blue bag for paper and card, instead of the multiple containers currently in use. This type of system is already used by Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford Borough and Shropshire councils.

The recycling service is currently weekly but will change to a fortnightly collection service.

A normal fortnightly system for residents will involve:-

Week one – food waste; non-recyclable waste (household)

Week two – food waste; recyclable materials: plastic, cans and glass in the wheeled bin, paper and card in the blue bag (this can be stored in the blue bin).

Cllr. Trevor Johnson, the Cabinet member for environment and recycling, said: “We have listened to our residents once again and the reasons that they dislike the current system – too complicated and too many containers. We’ve addressed both of these concerns with the new system.

“The new service will also help us to recycle more of the plastic we collect from residents, including pots, tubs and trays. This is a positive step which supports the Council’s environmental protection aims and adds to our recent pledge to end the use of single-use plastics in all council-owned buildings by 2023.”

The ‘dry recycling’ bag can be kept inside the blue bin or kept separately by residents but on collection days, once the bag is emptied, operatives will place it inside the bin for neatness.

The reason for the bag - keeping paper and card away from the other materials - is because it maximises the value of clean material sold on to paper and card mills and consequently more of it can be recycled.

The number of containers has been reduced and under the new system recycling will be collected fortnightly, alternating with the non-recyclable household waste (the grey wheeled bin). Food waste will continue to be collected every week using the existing caddy.

In 2018, public consultation was carried out by the Borough Council following a series of issues relating to the current waste and recycling system. The survey received the highest number of respondents to any of the Council’s online consultations to date and a significant majority of the respondents said they were dissatisfied with the type and number of containers.

Following the survey, the Council promised to listen to residents and to take action. The new service will be phased in during the early part of 2020.  

The scrutiny meeting takes place on Wednesday, 20 June.



Last updated 11 June 2019

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