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Leader at Castle House

Newcastle's Cabinet to meet in person

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council’s Cabinet will meet in person this week, for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown.

On 3 April, the government temporarily removed the legal requirement for local authorities to hold public meetings in person during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Cabinet at Newcastle is made up of the Council’s Leader and five portfolio holders. In addition to their presence at the meeting tomorrow, the Council’s Chief Executive and other essential officers will also be in attendance.  The public, and councillors who are not part of the Cabinet will be able to attend the meeting remotely.

The Leader of the Council, Simon Tagg, said: “During the lockdown we were able to meet virtually, using the Zoom platform and maintaining the programme of essential committee meetings needed to ensure that the business of the Council continued.

“During extreme circumstances we continued to be open, transparent and accessible to our residents. Now that some more of the restrictive measures in public life are easing and schools have reopened, we are all returning to more familiar routines.

“We intend to continue our annual schedule of meetings with committee members present, wherever that is practical. Safety measures will be in place at all times. We are lucky to have enough space at Castle House to socially-distance effectively and there are plenty of hand sanitisers available.

“At this stage we won’t be able to allow members of the public to attend as well but they will still be able to observe all of our meetings in real-time online, or watch a recording at a later time.” 

Cabinet will meet tomorrow, Wednesday, 9 September, at 2pm.


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