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Noise and bonfires nuisance

We do understand that the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) is having a massive impact on us all.

For most of us we will be spending far more time in our homes than before. This means that, for some people, they will be exposed to new or worse neighbour problems.

The Council is receiving multiple noise and garden bonfire complaints each day and we are open for business and dealing with them as best we can.

Please use The Noise App which can be downloaded from your smart phone’s App Store to send us recordings of noise and/or send us video footage.

We are not currently undertaking routine visits, but are working closely with the police and other partners to help people and will consider how best to assist you.

Our website contains a large amount of helpful advice and details of how you can get in touch with us.

Complaints can be made online and you can also submit recordings/videos via our online form:

Officers will be happy to contact you to see how we can help.


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