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Partners aspire to closer working

A new agreement, or prospectus, will mean a much closer working partnership between Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Aspire in future.

The Council and Aspire already have a long track record of working together on specific projects but now, nineteen years after the stock transfer from the Council to the then newly formed housing association, a more strategic arrangement is being put in place.

Leader of the Council, Simon Tagg, said: “Both the Council and Aspire are keen to move our organisations closer together for the benefit of our communities across Newcastle borough. With an ambitious agenda and leadership from me and my Cabinet at the Council and the Chair and board at Aspire we believe much more is achievable by working better together.”

Five areas have been selected to form the basis of a prospectus, or statement of intent, between the two organisations. These are:

· Development and regeneration

Both organisations are landowners and want to lead a major development programme. The ambitions include building new homes, regeneration schemes in local communities and investing in new and existing homes for older people.

Staffs County Council, NBC and Aspire are already collaborating on development and regeneration in the Borough.

· Housing advice and allocations

Currently each organisation maintains and manages its own waiting list and allocation system for homes – this duplication can be avoided in future and both partners have endorsed a more joined up approach, including a joint allocations policy, single waiting list and simplified systems.

· Locality working/LAPs

Collaborating at a local level to deliver services for communities. Working together means an opportunity to review how services are provided. Both parties currently deliver services such as street scene and grounds maintenance. Currently, standards and cutting schedules are unaligned and closer working could present significant shared benefits.

· PM Training

Supporting young people through training and apprenticeships. The senior teams of the two organisations will shape projects and drive delivery.

PM training delivers apprenticeships through supply chains of anchor institutions and the council can work cooperatively with PM Training to establish hundreds of opportunities for apprenticeships in their own supply chain.

Cabinet will discuss the new plans at their meeting on Wednesday.




Last updated 4 November 2019

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