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Partnership Funds Youth Drop-in Sessions

Jenga, Game Off and Randomise are just some of the fun games that youngsters can play at a new youth club.

Drop-in sessions are being held at Bradwell Lodge on Thursdays, from 7pm to 9pm, starting from 1 February.

They are being delivered by Staffordshire County Council’s targeted detached youth team – and funded by the Newcastle Partnership – to raise the self-esteem and aspirations of youngsters who live in the Bradwell, Wolstanton and Porthill areas.

The youth team wants to engage children, aged 11 to 17, in stimulating activities that help them to make positive choices for themselves and the wider community. Informal social education sessions will also be provided.

The Newcastle Partnership is a multi-agency community safety group led by the Council. Its grant of £412 covers the cost of room hire up until the end of April, the purchase of several games and the creation of a tuck shop.

Cllr. Jill Waring, Cabinet member for community safety and well-being, said: “The partnership is pleased to financially support this new drop-in session. At the moment it’s cold and dark in the evenings so it’s somewhere warm and safe for young people to enjoy themselves and discuss a variety of important topics.”


Last updated 30 January 2018

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