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Paul is Making Waves with Current Must-Sea Exhibition

The sky is the limit for a local artist who is enjoying a solo exhibition at the Brampton Museum as his reward for blowing the competition out of the water.

Paul Newcastle – who specialises in landscape and seascape paintings – is currently displaying a selection of his artwork in the Hall Gallery, in two phases, until 29 March.

Paul, from Westlands in Newcastle, sailed away with the People’s Prize in the recent Open Art and Craft exhibition after his atmospheric “Somewhere in Time” oil painting was voted the best by visitors.

Not only will viewers be able to see the sea, they’ll be able to hear the sound of it lapping on the shore as Paul has set up a sound system to complement his display.

The 57-year-old, who has exhibited elsewhere including The Art Gallery in Newcastle, said: “As an artist I want people to like my artwork so it was really wonderful to win the People’s Prize. The fact it was voted for by visitors means a lot to me. I’m really proud to now have a solo exhibition at the Brampton Museum.

“I love to look at the sea and paint it. I want to create a window to the world, bring the outside inside and highlight the beauty of nature, with a specific focus on sunlight and the colours it creates as well as the effects on the environment and viewer.

“I hope my work rekindles a memory of a happy time or place and encourages people to look at the beauty that’s all around us. Ultimately I just want them to immerse themselves in the views and sounds of the sea and hopefully leave with a smile on their face.”

More of Paul’s paintings are being unveiled on 25 February. Admission and car parking at the Brampton Museum is free.

Last updated 28 January 2020

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