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Public Consultation Informs Knutton Masterplan

The results of a major public consultation exercise will be discussed by Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council’s Cabinet at their meeting on 9 June.

It is expected that the consultation’s findings will inform a key scheme of planning proposals, known as the Knutton Masterplan, which will see improvements in housing, highways and community sports provision in the area in the next few years.

As well as residents in Knutton the Council has consulted with businesses, community groups and partner organisations across the whole of the borough on the proposals.

The consultation took place throughout January and February this year, despite the restrictions of the Covid pandemic.

As open public meetings were not possible, an interactive website dedicated to the Knutton Masterplan proposals was used which allowed people to see the plans and artists impression images and to leave comments on the site.

Cllr. Paul Northcott, Cabinet member for strategic planning, said: “We are really pleased with the way the consultation went, despite the restrictions.

“The comments and opinions that respondents submitted have been carefully considered as part of the next step in the implementation of the masterplan and I want to thank everyone for their much-valued contributions.

“I know that the proposals in the masterplan will make Knutton a much more vibrant place to live, work and spend leisure time and we hope that the changes over the coming years will attract even more residents and businesses to the area.”

The masterplan includes a market review on land values, the specific characteristics of the Knutton area and outlines in detail the key proposals. These include:

  • A new sports pavilion with changing and showering facilities at The Wammy.
  • The development of more than 240 “aspirational” new homes to attract higher income families. 
  • A new village hall and village green.
  • Re-modelling and improvement of part of Knutton Enterprise Centre’s business accommodation including improvements to the centre’s frontage on to High Street.
  • Traffic calming measures introduced to High Street and Blackbank Road with improvements to the Church Lane and Milehouse Lane junction.
  • The exploration of exciting redevelopment and regeneration options through Aspire Housing, with potential to create high-quality, modern homes that will benefit communities for generations to come.

The proposals are expected to be boosted by successful submissions to the Town Deals programme which will allow the first stages of the Knutton Masterplan to go ahead this year.

Newcastle-under-Lyme was among 101 towns to be selected for a Town Deal, which could see the Council receive more than £25 million for schemes in Newcastle, Kidsgrove and Knutton.

Last updated 3 June 2021

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