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Register your Favourite Landmarks

Residents are being encouraged to nominate their favourite landmarks and buildings in the borough as part of a biennial review.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is looking for examples of heritage assets that contribute to the character of an area, especially war memorials, as it reviews its register of important buildings and structures.

The register is used during the planning process to try and protect sites, which fall short of statutory listing criteria, from harmful change and demolition.

It contains more than 100 entries including the Cherry Tree pub, London Road, Newcastle; Kidsgrove Methodist Church, The Avenue; Alsagers Bank war memorial and a mining sculpture in Silverdale.

Other eligible structures include houses, industrial buildings, shops, walls, churches, schools and pubs.

Suggestions will be inspected and assessed against criteria such as authenticity, architectural value, historic associations, visual importance and community value.

Nomination forms can be downloaded or completed at by Saturday, 30 June. For more information, please contact the Council on 01782 717717 or e-mail .


Last updated 10 April 2018