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Residents are thanked for embracing new recycling service

Councillor Trevor Johnson, cabinet member for environment and recycling, has praised residents in Newcastle for the success of the new waste and recycling service.

During the Cabinet meeting yesterday, which was held in person for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown, he acknowledged that credit is due to officers at the Council, who have worked incredibly hard to introduce the new system during extreme circumstances, but also due to residents who have widely welcomed the new system.

Cllr Johnson said: “Many residents have contacted the council and individual ward members to say how much they prefer the new system and the teams have also received a warm welcome and praise during the collection rounds.

“Cabinet promised to listen to residents, who weren’t happy with the complicated system introduced by the previous administration, and bring in a new, simpler way of recycling more items. We followed up on that, earlier than planned and during a pandemic – and it’s working brilliantly.

“We have thanked the staff for their hard work but we also want to extend those thanks to our residents, who have made this service the success it is. Please keep up the enthusiasm for recycling and helping us to further build on the increased recycling rates.”

With the reintroduction of the food waste collection service last month the Council has a full range of recycling and waste collection service, something other councils have been unable to provide in the current circumstances, and the new service is also more efficient and effective in its delivery and better able to adjust to shifting demands.

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