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Revenue Budget 2018/19 news

Revenue Budget 2018/19

The first draft of detailed proposals for savings to come from the Council’s 2018/19 revenue budget have been made public.

They were considered at the end of November by the Financial Resources and Partnerships Scrutiny Committee (FRAPS).

The committee was told that the Council’s updated Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) and Efficiency Plan for 2018/19 to 2022/23 was approved by Cabinet on 18 October 2017 and this indicated that there will be a budget “gap” of £1.535m in respect of 2018/19 and that this will need to be closed in order to produce a balanced budget.

To give this task some context, councillors were told that over the 10 years from 2008/09 to 2017/18, “gaps” of £22.010m will have been met via a combination of savings, efficiencies and additional income.

2008/09 - £1.250m                2009/10 - £2.572m             2010/11- £2.389m

2011/12 - £2.655m                2012/13 - £2.621m             2013/14 - £1.783m

2014/15 – £2.100m               2015/16 - £2.078m             2016/17- £1.834m

2017/18 - £2.728  

Savings were identified under four headings – procurement; staffing efficiencies; good housekeeping efficiencies and general other savings, changes in base budgets etc.

As far as staffing efficiencies are concerned, there are no redundancies anticipated to arise from the proposals outlined.

The detailed list presented to FRAPS on 27 November can be found in the ‘Minutes and agendas’ section of the Council’s website.

Adding all of the proposals together gives a total of £1.276m which leaves a shortfall of £0.259m to be identified so we can reach the £1.535m current MTFS forecast for 2018/19.

Key dates for the budget process as we move forward are:-

  • Mid-late December -the Local Government Financial Settlement is announced.
  • 17 January - Cabinet consideration of draft budget proposals.
  • 24 January – FRAPS consider the draft budget proposals.
  • 7 February – Cabinet final budget proposals to be recommended for approval by Full Council.
  • 21 February - Full Council to approve the budget.