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Silverdale Thanked For Efforts In Tackling Covid-19 Outbreak

Businesses and residents in Silverdale have been thanked for their co-operation and support in tackling a Covid-19 outbreak in the village.

The incident, which saw 18 people confirmed positive following the outbreak linked to the Silverdale Working Men’s Club, has now been stood down.

All cases and contacts who are isolating should remain at home for the full isolation period.

During the outbreak contacts of those who tested positive were swiftly contacted and immediately self-isolated. More than 2,000 people also stepped forward to get tested over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Dr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing, said: “Our rapid testing and tracing of people made a huge difference in being able to contain this outbreak.

“I would like to thank residents and businesses of Silverdale for their calm and measured response during the outbreak. People followed advice and supported one another. The village is a fantastic example of how we can tackle this virus when people pull together and follow the rules.

“Without their efforts undoubtedly this outbreak could have been much worse and affected more people.”

The outbreak was linked to 12 venues in Silverdale, Newcastle Town Centre and Clayton and additional testing was set up over the bank holiday to allow people to get tested as quickly as possible.

The county council worked with Newcastle Borough Council and Public Health England to quickly identify where people visited and who they may have been in contact while they were infectious.

Dr Richard Harling, the county council’s Director of Health and Care, said: “The outbreak in Silverdale shows how quickly the virus can spread and is a reminder of why we all need to follow the national guidance.

“In this case the co-operation of the people who tested positive and their close contacts in self-isolating allowed us to stop the virus spreading, and everyone needs to play a part in preventing the spread of infection and avoiding further outbreaks.”

Last updated 9 September 2020

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