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Traveller Update – Thursday, 14 June

The Borough Council is doing everything within its power to remove traveller encampments as soon as legally possible.

A reassurance that immediate action is being taken in all cases comes after several unauthorised camps have set up on council-owned land in recent weeks.

The latest are situated at Earls Drive, off Clayton Road, and Wolstanton Marsh – established over the weekend – and Bunny Hill in Clayton. Access to the Marsh was not gained by damaging the deterrent measures put in place recently.

The Council recognises that the arrival of travellers causes unrest and tensions in communities – this happens across the country, not just in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

To organise an eviction a set procedure has to be followed, in accordance with the law. The Council is continuing to work quickly to serve initial notices – requiring travellers to leave a site – and securing the earliest court hearing date available, to apply for an eviction order, if the first contact is ignored. It also has to carry out welfare visits.

The Council has today secured eviction orders from the magistrates' court for Earls Drive and Wolstanton Marsh. The Earls Drive encampment has moved – copies of the order have been placed around the site. Travellers at Wolstanton Marsh have been served with the court order and the Council has arranged to meet Staffordshire Police there this afternoon.

Confirmation has been received that the group from Earls Drive have moved to Wye Road fields, known as Bunny Hill, in Clayton. The Council has served an initial notice and is now waiting for confirmation of a court date. Welfare assessments have to be completed again.

On Friday, 8 June the Council evicted travellers from the Wammy in Knutton after securing a court order. Increased security measures have since been put in place and a clean-up of the site has taken place.

Encampments on private land are the landowner’s responsibility to resolve.

Further updates will be provided when new information becomes available.