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Picture shows a hedgehog

Youngsters Make Homes for Hedgehogs

Young wildlife enthusiasts are doing their bit to help their prickly friends.

Pupils from St. John’s Primary School, Keele, are attending a hedgehog house workshop at Keele Cemetery tomorrow (Tuesday, 10 March) where they will build a number of habitats to encourage the lovable creatures into our public open spaces.

An estimated 30 per cent of hedgehogs have disappeared over the past decade but there are lots of steps that we can take to protect the species. Easy actions can have a big impact – recent analysis carried out by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society suggests that the efforts of communities could be working.

Cemeteries and crematoria can play a vital role in helping to protect the hedgehog population and the Council has signed up to the “Hog Heroes Scheme”, a conservation campaign designed to do just that. 

Most of the hedgehog houses will be sited within the cemetery’s grounds but the children will take a couple back to school, in the hope that they’ll receive some special visitors.



Last updated 9 March 2020

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