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Your recyclables and food waste are collected every week, along with garden waste one week, and non-recyclables the next.


Food Waste Metal and Plastic Red Box  
Food waste icon Recycling metal and plastic red pointer icon   Recycling and waste red box icon  
recycling and waste food caddy icon Recycling and waste green pointer icon   Recycling and waste green box icon  
Food Caddy Glass and Cardboard   Green Box  



         Paper, Small Appliances, Textiles and Clothing Blue box
recycling and waste blue pointer icon Recycling and waste blue box icon



Recycling and waste garden waste pointer bin icon Or icon Recycling and waste Non recyclables pointer and bin icon
Garden Waste   Non-recyclables


We collect your recycling every week, along with your food waste.  Every house has three boxes; a red one (for plastic bottles, cans, tins, empty aerosols and clean foil), a green one (for card, glass bottles and jars), and a blue one (for paper, small electrical items and bagged textiles and clothes). We will supply extra boxes on request, at no charge.  Food waste is collected using a silver caddy which should be kept in the kitchen and a sturdy green one for presenting on collection day. We supply free caddy liners on request.
In February 2019 the entire garden waste service became subscription-only, collecting for a full year, with an annual charge of £36. More information is available here.
We collect your non-recyclable rubbish every fortnight from a 180 litre grey wheelie bin.
Garden waste and non-recyclable rubbish are collected on alternate weeks, so put your recycling, food waste and garden waste out one week, and recycling, food waste and non-recyclable household rubbish out the next week.
Our collection services are simple to use and are a cost-effective way to deliver high quality recyclable materials.

Please keep your bins within your property boundary between collections. We make a charge of £25 to replace lost or stolen bins. Household rubbish must be presented in a wheelie bin supplied by the Borough Council, unless we have identified your property as unsuitable for a wheelie bin, and provide you with  sacks with our logo on instead for household rubbish.

Follow this link to find your collection day

The following links provide information about:
Recycling cans and plastic bottles in your red box
Recycling glass and card in your green box
Recycling paper, small electrical items and textiles in your blue box
Recycling food waste in your silver and green caddies
Recycling garden waste in your brown-lidded wheelie bin
Non-recyclable waste and your black wheelie bin
Our collection and service policies

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Last updated 19 September 2019

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