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Missed Collection

Please use this form to report a missed collection of recycling or food waste, garden waste or non-recyclable waste.

Please confirm your collection day before completing this form: Collection Date Finder.

We will already know that your collection didn't take place if it was due to vehicle breakdown, access problems, roadworks or some other operational problem; and if these issues prevented your collection we will already have a plan to return as soon as possible. Before completing this form, please check to see if we already know that your property didn't get a collection. If your street is listed, there is no need to complete the missed collection form.

Missed collections should be reported by the next working day otherwise a return visit isn't guaranteed.

If you have received a card saying that you have rubble, unwrapped glass, unbagged pet waste etc. in your bin you will need to remove this material and the Council may be able to return to make the collection. If you have not been left a card and the missed collection was the fault of the Council, we will return as soon as possible.

You will need to provide brief contact details.

Personal details
What's gone wrong
Please indicate what we have missed
Additional information
Type of service
Please select the service affected.

If you are reporting a missed assisted collection, please select the relevant service, as well as the assisted collection.

Notice given
Did the crew leave an information tag on your bin or an information card with your recycling/food waste containers?
If an information tag or card was left, it is because there is a problem with what you have presented for collection. More details will be shown on the tag or card. We will not return because we have not made a collection error.