Intruder Alarms - Keyholder Registration

About this form

It would be helpful if you, as an alarm holder would complete the following form so that if your alarm sounds when you are absent from your property it can be silenced and does not cause noise nuisance to your neighbours.

We will use our best endeavours to use the information you have provided to assist in silencing the alarm. However, there may be instances where despite our best efforts, the Council will need to take action to silence an alarm, and in such circumstances the Council will look to recover its reasonable costs from the property owner.

How to complete the form

The form is a short 4 page form. Once you've completed the form it will automatically be submitted to the Environmental Protection Team.

You can also have a copy emailed to yourself.

How we use your information

The personal information you provide when submitting this form will be used in a number of ways. These include:

  • In the event of your alarm being reported as a nuisance your nominated keyholder may be contacted if we are unable to contact you directly.
  • In case we need to contact you for further information or to update our records.

Your information may be disclosed to one of our partners where:

  • It is required to help prevent fraud
  • It is necessary to do so by law

To use the form you must agree to the terms above: