Pest control of ants

What we do when we are there

We will either apply a liquid spray which dries to leave a fine coating of insecticide, or a power. Occasionally we’ll use a gel as a spot treatment.  

You will need to keep pets and children away from the treated area. 

Insect treatment guarantee 

Pest control treatments do not always have immediate effect. We will use enough appropriate materials to ensure that the insect problem is successfully resolved. If you notify us within one calendar month that the treatment has not been successful, we will make another visit to treat at no extra cost. 

This guarantee does not apply if: 

  • the infestation is not the same as previously treated – for example a different colony of ants in a different part of the property 
  • the client has not followed the pest control officer's advice – for example if they have washed away the chemicals used 
  • payment for the service has not been received