Pest control of ants

Information about ants

The ant is a social insect and lives in colonies or nests. They are usual found in gardens and outdoor spaces, but can enter properties in large numbers.

Garden ants are dark brown and approximately 4mm in length. 

During the summer, large numbers of winged females and males are reared in the nest, which is usually underground. On a warm summer evening they swarm from the nest and take a brief flight during which they mate. On returning to the ground, the males die and the females shed their wings. The females then crawl back into the nest and hibernate for the winter before starting a new colony the following spring. In favourable conditions the queen ant and her colony may survive for several years. 

Ants are attracted to sweet foods such as; syrup, jam, preserves and sugar. They make a trail to and from their nest entrance and the food source to transport the food into the colony. 

There is no real public health significance from garden ants, they are just a nuisance.