Pest control of rats and mice

Request pest control

If you see a rat in your garden, you must act. We recommend you talk to your neighbours and tell them what you’ve seen and agree what everyone will do. You can: 

  • request our help 
  • purchase baits or traps yourself 
  • employ another pest controller.  

If problems continue, we can use enforcement powers to get things sorted. The properties affected will need to pay the enforcement costs. 

If you are a resident 

Request pest control


  • Treatment of rats: £50 per property for up to 4 visits 
  • Treatment of mice: £50 per property for up to 3 visits 

If you are a business 

For businesses we can either prepare a fixed cost quote, or charge by the hour. We will send an invoice after treatment has been carried out. 

Please email to request pest control. 


£105 for the first hour and £26.25 for every additional 15 minutes.