Pest control of rats and mice

What happens afterwards

Generally, we’ll make up to three visits to solve a problem with mice, and up to four visits for rats. If more visits are needed, you’ll be asked to pay again. 

Treatments work best when baits are left undisturbed. It can take a few days for rats or mice to find baits. They may avoid anything which is new.  

After the first visit we’ll usually allow 7-14 days before returning to check. After that the next will be about 7 days later. We aim to complete all treatments within 35 days. 

Other action you may need to take 

Our treatments will kill rats and mice, but you may need to do other things to find how they got into your home, or what attracted them to your garden. 

Waste may need to be cleared from gardens and plants cut back. 

Repairs may be needed to drains, or holes filled in walls. 

Usually, the pest control offer will explain what is needed.