Pest control of wasps and bees

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Although the law allows us to control bees, we will usually only treat where bees pose a danger and risk to public health and there is not a practical alternative.   

Please use the Friends of the Earth online bee identification resource to find out what type of bee or wasp you might be dealing with.  

If they are bumblebees 

Bumblebees are important pollinators and should be left alone. They cannot be collected or removed by a beekeeper. Please visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website for more information. 

If they are honeybees 

Honeybees are important pollinators and should be left alone. If you have a swarm of of bees at your property, it is best to leave them alone and seek expert advice from a local beekeeper. Please visit the British Beekeepers Association website for more information.  

If they are wasps 

Wasps are very ecologically important and unless their nest is causing a problem, they should be left alone. If they are causing a problem, please request pest control. 

We have more detailed information about types of bees and wasps and how they can be dealt with. 

If a nest is in a chimney or gas vent 

If nests are built in a chimney or gas vent it is essential that the nest is fully removed. Contact a chimney sweep or a gas safe engineer and do not use the appliance until it has been confirmed to be safe. 

Request pest control 

If you are a resident 

Request pest control

This service costs £75. 

You will need to pay when you make the request. 

If you are a business 

Please email to request pest control. 

This service costs £95. 

You will be sent an invoice after treatment has been carried out