The Brampton Museum - exhibition policy


The planning of temporary exhibitions and their related events are coordinated by our visual arts officer and the culture and arts managers, who will consider all the exhibition proposals submitted to the gallery.

The museum and art gallery has a main gallery, is approx 120 metres squared, and hosts the main exhibitions, on average six exhibitions annually.

Please note: as a guide to prospective applicants, we now plan our exhibitions on a three-year programme and will always have, as a minimum, booked at least 12 months in advance, so please do bear this in mind when submitting proposals. Beyond this, we do programme in national touring exhibitions and more involved exhibitions further ahead due to the necessary lead in and organising time. We will therefore take exhibition proposals at any point in the year and hope to let prospective exhibitors know within 3 months whether their proposal has been successful or not.


All exhibitions and activities are organised with consideration to the physical access of all individuals, such as lower hanging heights, large print labels, hands-on activities designed to include all abilities and wheelchair access to all areas of the museum.

The museum endeavours to make exhibitions intellectually accessible, helping people to better understand the artwork by facilitating activities linked to exhibitions and providing an artist's statement.

We aim to offer a diverse range of exhibitions in order to attract new and varied audiences.