The Brampton Museum - exhibition policy

Responsibilities of exhibitors

Exhibitors will:

  • deliver all work on the Monday or Tuesday prior to opening
  • collect all work within one week of the exhibition closing. We reserve the right to dispose of work not collected
  • provide a minimum of one free arts or educational activity relating to the exhibition, for example a workshop, demonstration or talk
  • provide good quality images of artwork for use in our publicity materials for exhibitions (jpeg images should be no less than 300 dpi)
  • ensure all work is mirror plated
  • clearly label each artwork with the number, title and full name
  • provide all exhibition related information/text and publicity material a minimum of one month in advance of the exhibition
  • agree all sales be made through the gallery. A commission of 30% + VAT will be charged on all works sold (Main Gallery and Perspective Gallery)
  • a charge of £10/week will be made for all exhibitions featured in the Hall Gallery, for artists outside the borough, which will be payable, when the exhibition has been confirmed
  • provide refreshments, if required, at the opening
  • accept that compliance of health and safety guidelines may affect how work is displayed
  • take all packaging away as the museum does not have storage space available