Capital strategy

Monitoring arrangements and project management

Progress relating to individual projects will be monitored through our arrangements for the monitoring of capital projects, which entail quarterly monitoring reports to be received by the Cabinet. The capital programme review group will also review project progress and corrective action will be initiated where projects

  • fall behind schedule
  • appear likely to overspend
  • otherwise give cause for concern

Individual project forms will be maintained in respect of each project by the Executive Director (Resources and Support Services) that will track the progress of projects and be available to officers and members with an interest in reviewing progress of those projects.

All projects will be assigned to a named officer who will be responsible for overseeing the project, including project monitoring and control and implementing exception reports and, where appropriate, corrective action if the project deviates from its planned progress or cost.

Where complex major projects are to be carried out, consideration will be given to employing the Prince2 project management methodology.

All capital projects will be subject to internal audit review to ensure correct procedures have been followed and sums have been paid out in accordance with financial regulations and standing orders as they relate to contracts. Where projects have received funding from government or quasi-governmental sources, the expenditure will also be subject in many cases to external audit. European Union funded projects may also be subject to audit by auditors on behalf of that body. Where monitoring returns or claims for reimbursement of expenditure are required to be sent to funding bodies, these will be completed and forwarded promptly to the relevant body in compliance with any deadlines laid down by them.

All capital investment proposals and project progress and management are subject to our scrutiny arrangements.