Eco flexible eligibility statement of intent

Energy company obligation: Help to Heat

Local authority: Eco flexible eligibility statement of intent

We welcome the introduction of Eco flexible eligibility and intend to use it for the purposes of reducing fuel poverty in the borough.

Eco flexible eligibility fits with our overall aim to reduce carbon emissions and address fuel poverty and supports a priority in the Housing Strategy 2016-21:

"to promote independence and inclusion to our most vulnerable residents by tackling fuel poverty. This will be achieved by identifying vulnerable households and working with partners to promote energy saving and to fund energy efficiency improvements."

Please note: whilst we wish to utilise Eco flexible eligibility, the final decision on whether any individual household will benefit from energy saving improvements rests with obligated energy suppliers or their contractors. A declaration of eligibility issued by us to a supplier will not guarantee the installation of measures. The final decision will depend upon the:

  • identification of measures eligible under Help to Heat
  • the supplier's assessment of the cost-effectiveness of installing measures in relation to achieving its obligation
  • whether the supplier has achieved their targets or requires further measures to meet their energy company obligation targets

In identifying households as eligible under Eco flexible eligibility, we are seeking to enable residents to benefit from funding and will obtain the consent of households to include them in a declaration. we expect any obligated energy supplier, or contractor working on their behalf to:

  • comply with the Data Protection Act
  • fully follow OFGEM requirements for the energy company obligation Help to Heat
  • act in accordance with industry best practice in relation to consumer care and quality standards of any works that may take place