Local planning enforcement plan

How to submit an enforcement complaint

All enforcement complaints made should include the following details:

  • the identity and contact details of the complainant
  • the address at which the alleged breach of planning control has taken place
  • a short description of what is alleged to be the breach of planning control
  • why the complainant feels that the matter involves a breach of planning control
  • when the alleged breach commenced
  • details of the type of harm considered to be caused by the alleged breach.

The more information that can be provided then the greater the chance any breach can effectively be resolved

Where available, evidence can be submitted to support any complaint. The following forms of evidence are commonly accepted:

  • photographs
  • video clips
  • activity logs (blank copy at the end of this policy)
  • notes of events
  • written statements

The name and address of all complainants is kept confidential. It may be necessary that such details are later required to be disclosed for legal reasons but prior approval will be requested if the enforcement case progresses through to the courts.

We understand that sometimes people can feel threatened, particularly in cases which may involve keeping a log of the activities of near neighbours. Enquirers who wish to remain anonymous are advised to seek support from a councillor who could act on their behalf and ensure their anonymity.

When an enforcement enquiry is received, it will be registered on our planning database system. In most cases, not all, a site visit may be necessary before the investigating case officer can determine whether or not there has been a breach of planning control.

The enquirer will be acknowledged and will be advised which case officer will be dealing with the matter and full contact details of that officer will be given. Enquirers may contact the officer for an update and they are positively encouraged to do so should they discover any new breaches or any material change to an existing complaint.