Local planning enforcement plan

Appendix 2: review of the local planning enforcement plan and complaints

This will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains current and consistent with best practice. Reviews will take into account any changes to current legislation and/or guidance and also comments received from residents, customers, businesses and visitors to the borough.

To enable continuous improvement of the enforcement function, the key elements of this local planning enforcement plan will be reviewed. These key elements include:

  • relevant policies
  • type of breaches of planning control
  • resources available
  • procedures for investigating complaints
  • tools available to enforce breaches of planning control

The operational review of these elements will enable us to identify where best to target resources and meet the obligations imposed upon changing legislation, procedures and practices.

We will strive to provide the highest possible quality of service delivered in a fair and consistent manner. Customer suggestions are therefore, welcome as to how we can make improvements to the planning enforcement process. Alternatively, problems may arise from time to time and any difficulties concerning the enforcement service should be brought in the first instance to the attention of the Area Planning Manager.

If still dissatisfied, a further complaint can be submitted through our formal complaints procedure or the Local Government Ombudsman. Details of both are available on our website. Please be aware however, that such a complaint must relate to the way in which the complaint has been handled as opposed to the final decision reached.