National non-domestic rates (NNDR) discretionary rate relief policy - rate relief for businesses

Amount of relief

The amount of relief available will be determined against the respective criteria and the supporting information contained within the application. We, like all other authorities, only has limited resources and government support in the form of grant funding is reducing year on year.

The amount of any award is at our discretion but is subject to limits to remain affordable to us and to avoid unfair competition.

Relief is limited in accordance with European Union competition rules and in particular state aid. European Union competition rules generally prohibit government subsidies to businesses subject to a de-minimis level. This presently amounts to 200,000 euros or £158,000 over a three year period. Rate relief shall not be awarded in any circumstances where it appears that an award will result in the ratepayer receiving state aid that is above the current de-minimis level.

Discretionary rate relief will be awarded after taking in to consideration all other reliefs an organisation currently receives or may qualify for.

The relief will be based upon the details as contained in the application.

All awards will be made for a set period only, but subject to annual determination/confirmation in accordance with our budget determination. Continuation of relief will be subject to reapplication.