National non-domestic rates (NNDR) discretionary rate relief policy - rate relief for businesses

Award criteria

The criteria to be used on deciding whether or not to grant relief are based on assessing how the organisations work helps to achieve our priorities.

Considerations will include:

Access and equal opportunity

Is membership available to all sections of the community? (some restrictions for ability in sport may be considered if appropriate).

Beneficiaries of services or facilities

Does the organisation provide training or education to its members? Are there schemes for particular groups of residents (for example young people, disabled people or retired people) to develop skills?

Affiliation to local or national organisations

The organisation should be actively involved in the development of their local interests.

Contribution to the area and benefits to Newcastle-under-Lyme Residents

Applicants must show that the benefits, services or facilities that they provide mainly benefit residents of the Newcastle-under-Lyme area.


Copies of the organisations accounts for the last 2 years should be provided to assist us to assess the ability of the organisation to meet the costs of the rates in the absence of additional rate relief. Any funding received by the organisation from us or other external bodies should be clearly stated in the application.


Could the award of a discount have an anti-competitive effect on other businesses in the borough? This could happen if there are other businesses in the area which provide the same or similar services or facilities.