Pay policy statement

Recruitment of Chief Officers

Our chief officer appointment, review and appeals committee is responsible for processing appointments of members of the Executive Management Team (the Chief Executive and Executive Directors). Appointments to Heads of Service posts are made by the appropriate Executive Director having consulted with the appropriate portfolio holder. Appointments to Deputy Chief Officer posts are made by the appropriate Executive Director/Head of Service.

When recruiting to all posts, we will take full and proper account of our own equal opportunities recruitment and redeployment policies. The determination of the remuneration to be offered to any newly appointed chief officer will be in accordance with the pay structure and relevant policies in place at the time of recruitment. Where we are unable to recruit to a post at the designated grade, we will consider the use of temporary market forces supplements in accordance with our relevant policies. We do not currently have any chief officers who are being paid temporary market forces supplements.

Where we remain unable to recruit chief officers under a contract of service, or there is a need for interim support to provide cover for a vacant substantive chief officer post, we will, where necessary, consider and utilise engaging individuals under 'contracts for service'. These will be sourced through a relevant procurement process ensuring we are able to demonstrate the maximum value for money benefits from competition in securing the relevant service. We do not currently have any chief officers engaged under such arrangements.