Nuisance issues

How we investigate your complaint

Diary sheets

When you make a complaint to us about a possible nuisance, we will ask you to fill in some diary sheets.

We ask that you record the basic details on the diary sheets (the dates and times, how long the issue lasts, where it affects you and how it affects your use and enjoyment of your property), usually over a period of four or so weeks.

When you have filled in the diary sheets, you will need to return them to us, so that we can decide whether we can look into the issue further. If you do not send the diary sheets back to us, we will be unable to help you.

When we send you some diary sheets, we will also write to the person you are complaining about to tell them that we have received a complaint and that we are looking into it. Your details remain confidential at this stage.

Noise app

You can supplement your diary sheets by using the noise app, which can be downloaded and installed on Apple and Android phones for free.

The noise app lets you take recordings on your phone, which are then uploaded to the cloud, where we can download and listen to them. This helps us to get a better understanding of your complaint, although we will still need your diary sheets.

What happens after I have sent in my diary sheets?

When you send your diary sheets back to us, we will look at them and decide whether there is anything we can do about your complaint. If your diary sheets suggest there is an issue that we can take action on, we will usually need to collect our own evidence.

This may involve a visit from one of our officers, or the installation of monitoring equipment.