Sustainable environment

Signs of climate change

The evidence that climate is changing is all around us across the borough and the planet.

Weather is more extreme and unpredictable. It causes dangerous floods and crop failure. Heatwaves make some areas uninhabitable, and people die, even in the UK, because of extreme heat events we aren’t used to and our homes are not designed for.

Water supplies are polluted and reduced, leading to illness, and people can become ‘climate refugees’. Fisheries can fail as the sea becomes too warm or polluted.

Forests are dying because it’s too warm for the trees, or because of increasingly frequent wildfires and illegal tree-felling. Pests which damage crops expand into new areas, and reduce harvests.

We can change this! We can all make a big difference and do our bit to change things, even as individuals. Together we have the power to change things.