Sustainable environment


What you can do

You can change how you use energy, both to heat and cool homes and workplaces.

Do you know what the electricity you use at home is made from? Choose a green tariff from your electricity supplier and make sure you’re buying renewable electricity, to be part of the solution. 

You can also help by:

  • insulating the walls, roof, doors, boiler and windows of your house
  • turning appliances off ‘standby’
  • switching to energy-saving lightbulbs.

It’s easy to make small changes and a big difference. These changes can also save you money.

More good ideas are available from the Energy Saving Trust.

What we do

Household rubbish and business waste is sent to a local ‘waste to energy’ plant for processing, and the electricity is fed into the National Grid.

A project has been commissioned to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emmisions significantly at J2.

Solar panels have been installed on one of our buildings to generate renewable energy.

The design of Castle House in the Queens Gardens in the centre of Newcastle was designed to minimise heating and cooling costs.

We were a partner in the design of the first commercial building in the world to be rated ‘outstanding’ for sustainability at the design stage. The building is the Blue Planet development on the Chatterley Valley Park. Recycled materials were used in the construction, and energy-efficiency has been built-in, along with grey water recycling and high levels of thermal efficiency.