Sustainable environment


What you can do

You can change how you use water, such as:

  • storing rainfall where you can at home
  • fixing dripping taps
  • choosing to shower not bath
  • always fill your dishwasher and washing machine rather than using half-load settings.

Most water used at home is for flushing toilets, but you could reduce the amount used each time by using a ‘save a flush’ bag, or switch to a dual flush or reduced flush toilet when you upgrade your bathroom. 

Wasting less water saves on the energy and chemicals used to make safe, drinkable water. 

There are lots of good ideas from Ofwat.

What we do

Through our countywide waste partnership we don’t just offer discounted compost bins, we offer subsidised water butts too. It’s a great way to help your garden without using water which has been chemically treated to drinking water standards.