Sustainable environment


What you can do

Buying carefully creates less household rubbish and less rubbish at work. We need to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can of everything we buy. On average people in the UK throw away their bodyweight in rubbish every seven weeks. 

Do you know about all the things the council can collect and recycle for you? You’ll be surprised how little there is in your household rubbish bin when you recycle as much as you can. Learn about our services and what we can recycle. What we don't collect from the kerbside can usually be recycled at the recycling centre.

By wasting less food at home, you can save money too.

What we do

In 2020, we changed to a very simple recycling service to make it easier for residents to recycle. The collections are fortnightly, and a popular garden waste service collects on alternating weeks. With weekly food waste collections, we’re doing our bit to help residents do theirs.

We also recycle from office locations, and like many companies, we set printer defaults to black and white and double-sided printing.