Sustainable environment


What you can do

You can reduce the impact of transport by:

  • car sharing to get to work
  • fly less, or join a carbon off-setting scheme
  • use public transport
  • go by bike or on foot.

Road transport creates pollution, noise and congestion, and most of this comes from our own private cars.  Emissions from heavy goods vehicles are an increasing problem as the things we buy are transported longer distances to reach our shops. 

Walking or cycling to work helps the environment, but also helps us get the exercise of at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Why not ask your employer about their sustainable travel plan? Working from home for a few days a week will reduce transport emissions too.

What we do

Some of our services switched to electric vans when their fleet needed replacing. We are following trials of alternative fuels for our collection vehicles, and looking to test some ourselves. 

It’s all about reducing our own emissions and moving away from fossil fuels. We also encourage staff to cycle to work, and promote a loan scheme for staff.  The green travel plan encourages walking or cycling to work, as well as bus travel cards and car-sharing.