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Grass Cutting and Grounds Maintenance

Frequencies of operations may be affected by weather and other factors.

Staffordshire County Council Highways owned verges

We mow from March to October cutting a minimum of eight times per year on a rota basis from area to area.

On Borough-owned land

Parks/Open spaces – These are split into categories of priority, these being District Parks, Neighbourhood Parks, Other Sports, Semi-natural green space including local nature reserves and Green corridors including green routes.

District Parks –Brampton Park, Lyme Valley, Wolstanton Marsh, Wye Road and Bathpool.

Neighbourhood Parks – Arnold Grove, Bradwell Dingle, Clough Hall Park, Chesterton Memorial Park, Crackley Recreational Ground, Brampton Recreational Ground (Ikey Picky), Douglas Road, Meadow Lane, The Wammy, Loomer Road, Birchenwood Park, Salop Place, Cotswold Avenue, Silverdale Park, Bradwell Lodge, Kingbridge Avenue, Ilkley Place, Queen Elizabeth Park, Thistleberry Parkway and Westlands Sports Ground.

Other Sports – Roe Lane, Westlands Sports Ground, The Wammy, Birchenwood and Wolstanton Park.

Semi-natural green space including local nature reserves – Westomley Wood, Pooldam Marshes, Bradwell Woods, Bathpool Park and Bates Wood.

Green corridors including green routes – Newcastle Greenway, Kidsgrove Greenway, Three Parks and Lymebrook Greenway.

Open spaces – We mow from late March to October cutting a minimum of eight times times per year on a rota basis from area to area.

Formal Parks – These are maintained to a high standard. Bowling greens are cut during the season up to three times per week. Fine turf is mowed a minimum of ten times per year. All other tasks are undertaken as required.

Meadow Areas – Some of these areas have a complete cut once a year. Others will have pathways cut through them to aid walkers and to encourage biodiversity and sustainability.

Winter and Summer Bedding – Newcastle-under-Lyme is a floral Borough and we take great pride in our bedding displays. Streetscene operations teams work hard to design and maintain these so residents and visitors can enjoy them throughout the year. Planting takes place in spring and autumn.

Shrubs/Herbaceous beds – These are maintained on a winter and summer maintenance programme.

Hedge Cutting – This operation does not start until the end of July, to protect nesting birds. There may be occasions when hedgerows are causing a hazard to pedestrians or road users when they will be trimmed before this. This task takes approximately two months to complete.

Report any issues with maintenance of open spaces online.

Last updated 7 May 2019

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